Welcome to my page on trauma releasing. I hope you will find something here of interest to you. Please take time to read down the list of symptoms to see if something resonates with you. I have a few comments that follow.
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Trauma Symptoms

• hyper nervous while performing
• eye strain
• intrusive imagery or "flashbacks" while playing
• reduced ability to deal with the stress of performing in concerts
• being "on guard" at all times
• extreme sensitivity to light and sound
• hyperactivity; restlessness
• exaggerated emotional and startled reactions to noises
• abrupt mood swings (rage reactions, temper tantrums)
• difficulty sleeping
• nightmares or night terrors
• fear of going crazy
• panic attacks, anxiety and phobias
• mental blankness or spaciness
• avoidance behaviour
• frequent anger or crying
• exaggerated or diminished sexual activity
• forgetfulness, or amnesia
• inability to love, nurture, or bond with others
• unusual fear of dying or of a shortened life-span
• excessive shyness
• chronic fatigue


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