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I am a native of Wellington, New Zealand where I began my first studies in piano, completed my licentiate diplomas on piano and organ, and my Bachelor of Music at Victoria University, before embarking on a career teaching piano and organ privately while giving concerts and organizing exams for the Australia and New Zealand Cultural Arts society. In those days I was very busy teaching electronic organ as well and got involved in local electronic organ clubs. I even started one in the Waikanae Music Society, which I hear is doing very well.

In my early days I also became interested in photography and model railways. I no longer develop my own photos, relying on the expertise of a friend for that, and my efforts are less artistic than they used to be! I no longer have a model railroad and my interest is now limited to a computer programme!

I left New Zealand in 1987 for a European study tour and was fortunate enough to be accepted in the Norddeutsche Orgelakademie with Professor Harald Vogel, a world authority on early performance practice and north German organ repertoire. I spent a wonderful two years in Europe, playing and hearing exciting organs.

I then went to Montréal, Québec, Canada in 1989 to study the organ at McGill University with Professor John Grew. I was so enamoured of Montréal that I decided to stay there for my doctoral studies with Professor Réjean Poirier at Université de Montréal.

Since finishing my formal studies in 1996 I teach privately, give concerts, organize concerts, direct choirs, and sing in choirs. While in Montreal I performed organ and piano concerts with pianist, Dr Dana Nigrim. I was an active member of the Kiwis in Montreal group. I have a very deep and varied spirituality which appreciates all religions and beliefs from Anglicanism to Zen. However, I guess that the life of a musician becomes engulfed in music. Most of my time is spent in my different musical pursuits and psychology, my other passion. From 1991 to 1999 I was Music Director at Summerlea United Church, Lachine, where I had a small choir of 10 voices. From 1997 to 2000 I founded and directed the New Exodus Singers, an evensong choir of 40 voices. From 1989 to 1999 I sang with the Cathedral Singers at Christ Church Cathedral, Montréal, a choir that sings a weekly choral evensong broadcast on Radio Ville Marie every Sunday at 4 p.m. I was Honorary Assistant Director of Music at Trinity Anglican (Memorial) Church and was on the Anniversary Committee as organ consultant. I have organized and performed several concerts at Trinity. I also played for the Spiritual Science Fellowship services and still play for the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences' conferences every May.

In 1999 I accepted the invitation to be Music Director at St Matthew's United Church in Toronto. I play a three manual electro-pneumatic Woodstock organ and direct a 10 voice semi-professional choir during services every week. We perform a wide variety of music, from Gregorian chant to jazz arrangements. It is a very busy, time consuming post where I have organised many successful concerts and arts festivals.

In 2005 I accepted the position of Director of Music for the English choir at St Clare's Catholic church, Toronto. I play for the Sunday noon mass and have been improving the choir's performance since being there. It is a very beautiful Italian style church, with a small two manual organ with delicately stenciled (painted) pipes. It is of an unknown builder.

Life in Canada's biggest city is interesting, although not as charming as in Montréal. There is a wide variety of entertainment and different interest groups which I take part in. Being further south we have a much less cold winter, which is a blessing.

And when I am not playing or praying . . . I am attending any one of the myriad cinemas in Toronto!

Here I offer you a few links that have interested me, especially for my fellow organists.

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